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Fall Landscaping Tips

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Don't forget about your lawn in the fall.  Just because the grass growth has slowed, it doesn't mean you're off the hook.  By taking some steps to ensure the health of your lawn, you'll be saving yourself or your landscaper some headache down the road.



Plan your last cut of the season in late October or early November.  You should trim the grass low, but not too low.  Short grass is healthier for the off-season but cutting it too low can be dangerous.  I would adjust the blade to a height of one and a half inches or so to allow the grass blades to be tall enough to support the roots and vice versa.

Aeration is an often overlooked measure that can increase the health of your lawn by allowing water, air and nutrients to reach into the soil and feed the roots of your grass.  For small yards you can get by with a garden fork but larger lawns call for a walk-behind aerator.  Do yourself a favor and rent one from one of the Branson area providers such as Wildcat Rentals or Grand Rental Station.


Fertilizing in the fall is another step that will continue to benefit your grass even in the cooler weather. Roots grow up until the ground temperature starts to get within 10 degrees or so of freezing.  Use a good phosphorus fertilizer mix that will encourage a healthy lawn when the weather begins to warm back up.

Mulching in the fall is a great idea, With the abundance of leaves, the necessary materials are literally delivered to your doorstep.  You just have to gather them.  By making a bin out of chicken wire, you create an ideal storage solution. Stirring and flipping them regularly will allow them the receive air and prevent too much nastiness from gathering over the winter.  In the spring, this mulch pile will provide a nourishing feast for your landscape.


Dead branches on your shrubs and decorative trees can cause more damage if unattended, consider trimming these dead and diseased branches near the trunk to allow your decorative landscape pieces to recover.

If you take these steps in the fall, you'll have a happier and healthier lawn in the spring.  As always, contact Fulton Excavation and Landscaping for your Branson area needs. In the winter call us about our snow removal services.

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